Take advantage of a well known International Real Estate Company, therefore EXPERT at the location.

1   EXPERT about the country, the Algarve, the differences between districts and knowledge of cities and towns. In short, which area suits best for you in a tailor-made way.


2   EXPERT for all your goals with regards to holiday tourism versus emigration experience, thus being between crowds in summer and quietness in winter versus a 12 months experience and comfort.


3   EXPERT with regards to differences in climate per district from sunshine to rain and from cold and fog to mainly sunny. So good to know.


4   EXPERT in differences in price levels between properties which can differ within an area and even within a town e.a. within a radius of 15 kilometres.
That can give you a difference of €50.000 or a multiple thereof just like that.
Algarve Makelaar has built up a database over the last 7 years on what are the criterea and the (discount) prices of real estate.


5   EXPERT as a broker for properties in excess of 200.000 euro, compared to portugese brokers who mainly concentrate on the Portuguese market of below € 120.000


6   EXPERT as a Dutch Real Estate Agency with a complete different content compared to a Portuguese mediator whos function is as a Document Handler on behalf of the Seller. Also NOT leaving any structural issues to be decided by the Buyer. The Mediator/Real Estate-Imobilaria is only a PROMOTOR on behalf of the seller. Thus not a broker as in Northern Europe.  
The Seller, broker and lawyer/solicitor of the Seller form a combination as Opponent towards the Buyer. Therefore organise your OWN expertise.
To provide yourself assurance with regards to location (building plot)/property internal and external (multiple registry numbers)/structural condition/and control of all (many) documents in the Portuguese language.


7   EXPERT. Your own Real Estate Agent acting on behalf of the Buyer, and if preferred additional with a structural analysis and own lawyer/solicitor who can prevent a large disappointment, also from a financial point of view.


8   EXPERT or not, sometimes one uses a Broker residing in your own country of residence, who is not able to follow the daily developments, and just “quickly” will fly over for you. Please ask yourself whether that broker will offer you this additional value which is “indispensable” for you. What good is someone just chasing his commission.


9   EXPERT as broker, or you want an errand boy/lady from an agency?? Would you like to inspect houses aided by a receptionist or a independant contractor who is allowed to sit behind a desk in a real estate agency, without a job contract and without salary, but hoping that by the end of the month to have gathered around 0.45% in commission with having “TALKED” you into buying a  property. The number of these people is alarmingly high in the Algarve. Also common in franchise chains.


10   EXPERT as a businessman with a career. To what extent does one have experience in a career and has the capabilities to oversee a transaction in its whole and smoothly lead it to a success. Therefore a serious professional attitude.
Falling in love with a property is a genuine emotion, however before you sign a Preliminary Contract of Purchase (which almost will become the Final Contract), then on the days following you will have to start thinking and acting in a very rational way.

As you see, we do not limit ourselves to just one subject, being a property and its price, but to the 10 points we add both quality and location of a property. Giving maximum satisfaction for this new phase you are about to begin, with the help of these 10 criteria. But we have another 10 points of vital importance which we would like to offer you in a further conversation. About water boards, about laws of water supply and waste water disposal, bank matters, insurance, heating systems, condominium management, you name it.
THUS, everything for SUCCESFUL PURCHASE. Avoiding all the risks!!

For more information, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For additional assistance when viewing properties, plan your next trip and assure your appointment in our agenda. Because of our intensive involvement, we will only attend to 1 client per week.

IN SHORT, our philosophy is that we, on a daily basis, work on our reputation to be the best Real Estate Broker in the Algarve. Before purchasing (research), during purchasing and as after-sales service, to make sure that ALL will be finalised in good order. Whether it is a holiday home, or a permanent place you will emigrate to.

So also with regards to facilities as the distance to the local airport, medical providers, schools, social circuits, shops, restaurants/bars, and also suppliers of equipment you might need for the property, maintenance services, etc. etc. Even if the total process will take 5 or 7 years and after-service of half a year, Algarve Makelaar will be your “right-hand” through all that time.
And what are the costs?? If you purchase a property through our engagement, then in most situations that will be paid to us because of a commission-sharing from the usual 5% commission that the Vendor pays to HIS real estate agent.

If you yourself are looking and find something through the internet, just notify us and then we will assess this property in the Algarve before you fly out from your home country, so as to avoid any negative aspects when you arrive. In fact, we are your “search-engine” because we are continuously looking for what is on offer and attractive for our relations. Meaning, we have on our books a full offering per city/area, inclusive offers from other real estate agents. And if there is something missing, we co-operate with those real estate agents who appreciate the fact that we have invested all these years in our customers.

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